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September 24, 2022

Howdy Folks,

Factory Direct2I have sum shockin news for y'all. Y'all know my pal, Dub. Well, Dub went to Las Vegas oer the weakend and got himself hitched to a lady friend of his.

The lucky ladiess name is Debra Lee Josephine... and whatever Dubs last name is, I forget it. Anyways, they had a little too much two drink and they hitched a ride on a ridin lawnmower to Vegas and drank some more and then got their knots tied or whatever.

I'm happy for the little guy and his new love, butt the weird thing iss Dub is already courtin' Debra Lee Josephine's twin sister that looks just like her, i think it's called your ikea twin, Josephine Vivian "Mud-Flap" Lee... and whatever her last name is, I forget it.

Now, You're probably askin yerself, "How could somethin like this happen?" It's simple. Debra and Josephine got their laundray mixed up and they war eachothers bowlin shirts that day.

It could uv happened to annybuddy. No I havent been drinkin!

Take Care Y'all

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