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July 02, 2022

Howdy Folks,

99 Cent FlashI hope that y'all have a safe and happy 4th. I'm hopin that the better part of the evenin' will not be spent like it was last year:

It seems that every year a family member of mine ends up in the ER with some fireworks related injury. It all started with my Grandpa Elmis.

I had the time of my life sittin' in the emergency room 'cause my cousin Zemer hurt himself while usin' fireworks.

Grandpa Elmis was the toughest guy I ever new. He could do just about anythin... except light off firecrackers in his hand without injury. To this day he cant even listen to that Katy Perry song.

Have a great holiday! And be carefull out there.

Take Care Y'all

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When you get that feeling like you're being watched...

I thought it was my pop he snores just like him.

Any interest in reindeer games?

So, that's where you sleep. Good to know.

I am sure glad you are in there, and I am out here safe.

Oh, deer!

Bambi getting revenge in 3...2...1...

While the enemy sleeps, I STRIKE!

With any luck, he'll sleep all the way through deer season.

All of that hunting really wears you out.

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