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July 02, 2022

Hey Everyone!

The typical American home has 40 electronics powered up at any given moment -- TV, cell phone chargers, blenders, etc. What people don't realize is they are using electricity even when they're powered off.

U.S. households spend as much as $100 per year powering these "vampire" electronics.

Simple fix: Plug your devices into power strips and switch them off at once at the end of the day.

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1:

Minimize using major appliances between the hours of 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Minimize indoor heat: run the dryer and dishwasher at night on hot days and let your dishes air dry. Avoid heat-generating incandescent lighting and use a microwave, toaster oven or outdoor grill instead of the oven. It's best to avoid the use of major appliances between 2 and 8 p.m.

Hint 2:

Keep refreshed with yummy smoothies during the hot summer months!

Fruit smoothies are a great way to get your five-a-day and keep refreshed throughout the summer, but watch out for smoothies made with frozen yoghurts or ice cream as they can be extremely calorific.

A healthy smoothie should be made with fruit, juice, low fat-yoghurt and ice. Use any fruit you might have or have kept in the freezer, and throw it all in a blender to make a perfect summer drink.