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June 25, 2022

Howdy Folks,

Four Below Original Here's a few things I've a learned that tell y'all if yer havin yerself a bad day:

1. Yer dog's favorite bone is in yer leg.

2. At the zoo, monkeys throw stuff at ya.

3. The wife cuts the crotches out of all yer pants.

4. The kids use yer wooden leg to play baseball.

5. Yer underwear doesn't have any elastick in it.

6. The post office regularly asks you for an updated picture.

7. Yur mother-in-law stays over 'cause the trailer park cancelled the dance.

8. A bum gives you a dollar.

9. You don't even have a face for radio.

10. You get fleas and not your dog.

I've had a ruff week.

Take Care Y'all

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You Can Call Me Lizzy!

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This is my brother, Jurassic Mark!

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