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June 22, 2022

Good Morning,

Summer Electronics 22If you find yourself struggling to fight off and afternoon fog or tiredness, don't feel bad. It turns out that six in 10 of us often feel burned-out throughout the day.

Try these simple tips to keep yourself from dodging any brain fog while getting ready for taking on the second half of the day.


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*-- Dodge Feeling a Mid-day "Slump" --*

Pick up the Pace - Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, put some extra pep in your step fast by pacing energetically for 60 seconds.

Scientists suggest that rapid movements and taking brief breaks from sitting stimulate energizing brain chemicals that double your energy. It will also boost your concentration for up to an hour!

You Can Even Wash Your Hands - Running your hands under cool water for one minute triggers the release of energy hormones for two hours of renewed vim an vigor.

Not to mention that when it's incredibly hot outside, running your hands in cool water can also help cool you off and make you feel a little more comfortable.

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