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June 18, 2022

Howdy Folks,

All Prod Flash 21Father's Day is tommorrow... Its kind of like Super Bowl Sunday, but there is no football and i won't try to drink my weight in beer. This years Father's Day is goin to be a bit more classy for the Jethro Family.

I think we're gonna spend the majoritee of the day outdoors and while out there we'rre gonna do these activities as a family.

1. Make Shish Kabobs with my trusty blow-torch
2. Put some Water Seal on Aunt Edna's Wooden Teeth
5. See if that homemade mechanical bull is operational
12. GLue Uncle Jiff's Toupee on his head (It's fun for kids)
B7. Play 'Where's Aunt Becky's Glass Eye?'

It seems like its gonna be a good day to me. Happy Father's Day!

Take Care Y'all

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I can't believe she's wearing a fur coat in this weather!!

"You mean I'm NOT a skunk?"

OMG it's Jethro!

Hey! Did anybody lose a hand?

Bad fur day!

How much is gas this week?!

That Ryan Gosling is a dreamboat!

Some dude swim trunks fell off and I cant look away

Who put that mousetrap on my chair?!!!!

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