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May 21, 2022

Howdy Folks,

Clear StockNow it won't stop a rainin! And its cold again! Whats the deal?

I can only wash my trunk, clothes, dogs, and self so many times.

If it keeps on rainin i'm gonna have to put some water skis on the trailer or grow gils like that guy in that Waterworld. Good flick!

It's like the weather don't know what it wants to do. Do i want to be hot, cold, snowy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, partly sunny, partly cloudy, windy, muggy, freezy... pick somethin and stick with it. It's like my oldest girl tryin to pick out a shirt for school. What's so hard about Skynard or Molly Hatchet top? Actually, that is a tough one. I'd have to go Skynard.

Well, if youll excues me I need to go ring out the clothes out on the line.

Take Care Y'all

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Going to meet Fido's bully.

Who's going to clean up the poop?

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Just because you're extinct doesn't mean you don't have to walk the dog!

Ty-walk-osaurus Rex

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