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May 13, 2022

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Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Imagine you are an older married woman, and you come home to find a young woman, in your husband's pajamas, sleeping in your bed.

You might immediately assume your husband is cheating on you, but when you confront the woman she tells you she was only sleep-walking and doesn't remember wandering into your house, showering, changing into your husband's pajamas and climbing into your bed.

So you decide that just to get her out of your house you will give her a ride home.

Now that story is bizarre enough, but to qualify for Bizarre News things had to get a little bit weirder.

As it turned out the young woman, Eryn Rice, was not having an affair with the elderly gentleman. She was fleeing police. Earlier that day she was observed shoplifting several hundred dollars worth of cosmetics from a CVS pharmacy in Deltona, Florida.

Rice was apprehended outside of the pharmacy by a sheriff's deputy who managed to half arrest her. He cuffed one of her wrists before Rice pushed him to the ground and took off running.

Rice headed to a house in the neighborhood. It's unknown why she picked this certain house. She slipped inside, washed her clothes in the washing machine but left a pair of socks and panties, took a shower, put on a pair of the flannel pajamas she found and then napped in the bedroom where she was found by the homeowner.

You can just imagine the telephone call between the elderly woman and her husband when Rice was discovered (wearing handcuffs on one wrist, no less). But no story that poor old guy could have come up with could possibly beat the truth.

Later that day the older couple flagged down deputies and asked them if they were looking for a young woman. The couple told deputies where they had driven the woman, and when deputies went to the house they arrested Rice and an accomplice who attempted to flee.


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San Diego police arrested pair of package thieves and found a car full of stolen items along with an incriminating to-do list. Kristina Green, 19, and Gary Withers, 38, were arrested when an Amazon delivery driver called 911 after witnessing the theft of two packages from Encinitas, Calif. homes. When police searched the car they discovered a to-do list featuring errands including "shop lift" and "Kiss mom n tell her she's loved." Police also found mail, including junk mail and bills, belonging to as many as 13 local residents. Victims Mike Garret and his wife Mary told NBC San Diego that were thankful to have their mail returned and commended the delivery driver for alerting authorities. "He did his Job," he said. "He should get extra credit. He could have said, 'Eh' and kept going, you know?" Green and Withers, who were already on probation for drug and weapons violations, were charged with mail theft and possession of stolen property.

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Tortoises found 'vandalized' in Florida

A Florida wildlife center said two gopher tortoises were "vandalized" by culprits devoid of both artistic skills and common sense. The Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge & Education Center said a gopher tortoise with its shell crudely colored and doused in glitter was found wandering in Pine Hills and a second tortoise with a similar paint job was found suffering from a fungal infection in Orlando's Blanchard Park. Orange County Animal Services brought the tortoises to the refuge. "It will take multiple cleanings to remove the paint from each tortoise as well as healing time to get them back in good health. This is so disrespectful and we plead to you to share this with others to make it known that this is NOT OK and illegal!!" the center said. Shelter worker Debbie Helsel told WFTV the tortoise suffering from the infection is about 20 years old and was found "extremely dehydrated." "It is completely disrespectful to the animal to do something like this," she said. Helsel said gopher tortoises use their shells to help them breath, making the paint jobs extra dangerous. "Right underneath this [the shell] is just a very thin, thin shell where all their organs are," Helsel said. "It's not fun. It's not funny. It's not healthy for the animal because it causes a lot of problems and this animal could end up losing its life over something like this," she said.