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November 24, 2021

Hey Everyone!

No matter how well you plan your Thanksgiving, you know problems are going to pop up. Following are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you tackle some of the most common problems every family faces on Thanksgiving, from no fridge space to not enough pots and pans. Who knows? You might even discover a trick you can use all-year-round!

Handy Hints Holly

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Today's Hints:

Ice Chest As a Fridge

In the lead-up to the big feast, refrigerator real estate is precious. Clear out those space-hogging bottles of dressing and pickles, and stow them in a cooler filled with ice packs. It's also great if you want to brine your turkey overnight (make sure to add plenty of ice).

Aluminum Foil As a Roasting Rack

The point of a rack is to hold your bird above the pan so heat can circulate evenly. Who says it has to be made of wire or cost a lot of money? If you don't have the store-bought variety, crumple some sheets of foil into thick ropes and wrap them in coils on the bottom of your pan. Or go biodegradable and place the bird on a bed of halved onions, carrots and celery.

Slow Cooker As Mashed Potato Keeper

The only thing worse than lumpy mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving is cold, gluey ones. To keep your spuds warm when every burner of your stovetop is in use, butter your slow-cooker insert, add a little heavy cream and spoon in the potatoes. Set the temp to low and stir every hour or so to keep your potatoes smooth and silky.

Measuring Cup As a Fat Separator

The secret to great gravy is skimmed - not greasy - pan drippings. If you're without a fat separator, pour your drippings into a large heatproof measuring cup and pop it in the freezer. As the drippings cool, the fat will rise to the top and solidify, making it easy to skim off with a spoon.

Salad Bar As a Sous Chef

Shave hours off your prep time by picking up ingredients from the supermarket salad bar that are already cleaned and ready to go - think chopped onions, trimmed beans, sliced bell peppers, hard-boiled eggs and even crumbled bacon.

Chicken Broth As a Turkey Reviver

Overcooked the bird? Before you bring that platter of dried-out meat to the table, drizzle it with a little warm chicken broth. It'll help moisten the meat and add flavor. This is also a good trick for perking up slices that have gone from room temp to cold