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October 14, 2021

Hey Everyone!

Aluminum is pretty amazing. Not only is it naturally non-toxic and durable, but of the most commonly recycled materials, aluminum is the only material that is infinitely recyclable. What this means is that once produced, it can be recycled over and over and over without any loss in quality. What are the other abilities of this miracle metal?

Handy Hints Holly

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Today's Hints:

Cost-conscious cooks have found creative ways to use and reuse aluminum foil for decades. Line pans and baking dishes with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier, so you use less water. Reuse aluminum foil to clean and scour pots and pans instead of steel wool or plastic pads. You can also use aluminum foil to sharpen scissors and garden shears; simply fold a sheet six to eight times and make several cuts.

Now, you can even purchase recycled aluminum foil from Reynolds Wrap. Its made from 100 percent recycled aluminum from post-consumer sources such as automobile components, cookware, gutters and siding, as well as scraps from industrial cable. According to the manufacturer, there's an 80 percent reduction in the amount of energy used during the process of turning recycled material into foil, compared to making it from new materials.