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July 24, 2021

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A group of treasure hunters searching a Canadian lake were successful in their attempt to find some unusual sunken treasure: a bottle of whiskey that has been in the lake since 1964.

Dieter Mueller of Barrie, Ontario, said he has been fascinated by the tale of Otter Lake's sunken whiskey ever since several bottles were lost when a neighbor crashed his boat into a dock in 1964.

Mueller said he found a stash of underwater bottles while swimming once in the 1960s, but he was unable to reach them, so when he returned to the lake July 15 he brought friend Adam Blokzyl and diving expert Dave Davison to help.

Mueller said the group was getting ready to pack it up for the day when Davison found three bottles underwater, and one was still sealed and intact.

"I was vindicated. We were successful," Mueller told

Mueller said Davison spotted more bottles buried under debris at the bottom of the water and they are planning to return to see if they can find more that remain sealed.

He said the whiskey was produced by the Gooderham & Worts company, which discontinued the spirit in the 1990s.

"Whiskey is usually aged 12 years before it's sold. So this stuff could be 69 years old," he said.


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Man frees bear trapped inside his car

A Tennessee man captured video of the unusual situation that resulted when a bear became trapped inside his car. Joseph Deel posted a video to TikTok showing how he opened a door to his car while visiting Gatlinburg with friends and allowed a trapped bear to exit the vehicle. The group shouted at the bear to get it to leave the area. Deel said the car still seemed to be in functioning condition after the bear's exit, but the damage caused it to break down on his drive home to Johnson City. He said he had to leave the car at the side of a road, where someone broke in and stole the battery, catalytic converter and exhaust manifold. Deel's insurance company declared the vehicle to be totaled.

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Police looking for alligator find gold statue

Police in British Columbia responded to a report of an alligator loose inside a high-rise condo building, but arrived to find a realistic sculpture. Constable Jason Douchette, of the Vancouver Police Department, tweeted that officers were dispatched to a condominium building in which a woman reported she was hiding in a stairwell from a loose gator inside the building. Douchette said officers were relieved to discover the alligator was a "realistic fake" -- a gold-colored sculpture. He said the sculpture, while the wrong color for an alligator, was sufficiently detailed to cause a person to panic. "Running up [a] secluded stairwell, rounding the corner and suddenly coming face to face with this ... 'clean up, aisle one' for me," he wrote.