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April 08, 2021

Hey Everyone!

Did you know there are lots of ways your library can keep money in your pocket besides with free DVDs, CDs, or books.

Many libraries try to make reading more fun by offering complimentary book club kits, which would include 8 - 15 copies of the book you choose, plus a discussion guide.

Most libraries have expanded their career services to include resume-writing software, expert assistance with applications, and workshops.

To find out if your library offers any of the above simply visit the front desk of your local library.

Handy Hints Holly

Hint 1:

What can you do to help keep your clothes stain-free?

To help your clothes stay stain-free, it's a good idea to keep clean your iron every few months.

Make sure your iron is cold before cleaning and unplugged. Make a past of 1 tbs. water and 2 tbs. baking soda, then use a spatula to spread the paste on to the plate of the iron.

Let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Or you can use a fabric steam and get rid of your iron and ironing board.

Hint 2:

Need unsalted nuts for a recipe, but only have salted ones?

No problem... simply drop them into a pot of boiling water and cook for about a minute. Drain them and then spread the nuts out on a baking sheet and back at 200 degrees until dry. About 5 minutes.