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April 10, 2021

Howdy Folks,

Click MeI just wanted to getta showt out to a reader that goes by the handle of Freya the Wanderer. Thanks so much fer sendin in some of the phunniest pictures i hadd seen in awhile. I'll be sure to use them at my leisure or leasher or whatever it is. Much obliged.

I went over to visit my buddy, Pat, the other day. He has himself a wooden legg and over the last few weeks wheneveer he takes a snooze in his hammock he awakens to find a woodpecker just beatin his beak against his leg like there's beef jerky or lotto tickets in there. He said if this keeps up he's gonna half to get a new woooden legg.

After i came home from our visit the wife asked me how Pat was and I said, "Pat's gotta woodpecker problem."

The responded with, "That's weird. I always thought he had a wooden legg."

She reallized the mistake she had made and we had a good laff. And I told her it was totally Oak-kay!

Take Care Y'all

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look out I am new at this !

Stop chasing cars they said, you'll never catch one they said. Well who's laughing now.


Hey I'm driving here!

Hurry Spike hit the brake.

Uh oh, they're gaining on me!

Hey idiot -- how about using your turn signals??

Move it, buddy - that light isn't gonna get any greener!

Outa my way I see a cat, oops that's a Jaguar. My bad.

Fido's chasing a cop car again!

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