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February 23, 2021

Click to read about our staffCleaning the house has never been a fun thing for me. My sister loved to clean the house and boy she kept her house immaculate!

But even the best of cleaners are probably making some mistakes when cleaning the house. Here are a list of things that many people overlook or don't do.

Are you guilty of these? I admit I don't do half of these! It's a good lesson and I will begin to adapt my cleaning efforts to be more effective and safe.

Be Well,

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Reusing Rags...

Have multiple rags handy when you're cleaning your home and avoid reusing the same cloth to wipe down different surfaces. Using a fresh rag will help to contain bacteria and dirt and avoid the spread of germs.

Choosing a Sunny Day for Washing the Windows...

The warmth of the sunshine quickly evaporates window cleansers, and when the cleanser dries on the window, it can result in streaks. Save window duty for a dreary, overcast day.

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Ignoring the Drains and Disposal...

Remember to clean kitchen and bathroom sink drains regularly, and run and refresh the kitchen disposal, too. Maintaining both will prevent unwanted smells.

Using Disinfecting Wipes on Dirty Surfaces...

There's a notable difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and a surface needs to be clean of dirt for any sanitization efforts to be effective. Use a cloth to wipe a dirty surface with soap and water first, and then follow up with a disinfecting cloth to sanitize and disinfect.

Forgetting to Clean Your Appliances...

Detergent itself isn't going to keep the inside of your washing machine or your dishwasher clean, but those are just two of the appliances frequently overlooked when it comes to routine housekeeping. Make it a goal to clean these appliances at least twice a year, so that they do their respective jobs well.

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Cleaning From the Ground to the Ceiling...

If your routine has you first cleaning the floors, consider how much dust you drop as you clean upwards, tackling walls, windowsills, curtains, fans and fixtures. Start at the top of the room and work your way down, leaving the floors and carpets for last.

Not Cleaning the Toilet Brush...

Toilet brushes are not self-cleaning, and even holders with ventilation holes can breed germs if the brush is not well-maintained. After using the brush to clean your toilet, rinse it and thoroughly allow it to air dry before returning it to its holder. Once a month, submerge the brush into a cup of white vinegar to reduce the presence of lingering bacteria, and again, allow it to dry completely before returning it to storage.

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Putting Wooden Cutting Boards in the Dishwasher...

Prolonged exposure to heat and moisture can warp and crack wooden cutting boards, and it's not good for wooden or wooden-handled utensils, either. Instead, opt for soap and water and a thorough rinse in the sink, and white vinegar if you need extra cleaning power. Dry the wood by hand and allow it to thoroughly air dry. Maintain the wood by seasoning it with a food-grade mineral oil.

Forgetting to Wash Your Shower Curtain...

Clean your shower curtain monthly to reduce dust and germs in your bathroom. If you have a fabric shower curtain, disconnect and launder it at the same time you're running a load of towels or your bath mat. Clean the plastic liner too, by washing it in a diluted vinegar bath right in the bathtub. Use a cloth to wipe down both sides, and then allow it to air dry before the fabric curtain is reinstalled.

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