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January 30, 2021

Howdy Folks,

Mega ClearanceI did somethin kind of silly the other day. I was a makin some poppin corn and i wanted to put some salt on it to give it a better flaver. I searched high and low but I just couldnt find the salt. So, i improvized.

I when outside and grabbed a handful of that rock salt that y'all sprinkle on yer driveways and porches and stuff. I thru that stuff on my corn and ate it up. It was not a smart id-er. Don't ever do that folks. You'll regret it just like me. And that is because I found a brand new shaker full of salt in the bathroom, why I don't know, and I wasted a good amount of that rock salt on food instead of my drivin way. And my mouth is dryer than the dessert.

Why do these things allways happen to me?

Take Care Y'all

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