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January 23, 2021

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Traffic came to a stop as police in Tulsa, Oklahoma chased and tased a naked man running along the highway. Police arrested and charged James Jackson with indecent exposure, obstructing justice and burglary.

Drivers slowed and pulled over when they saw Jackson, 24, walking naked down the LL Tisdale Parkway. At least a couple of passengers recorded the incident with their cell phones. One video shows Jackson slamming his fist on a car as it passes by. He appears to try and open the driver side door of a truck that stopped to avoid hitting him.

Jackson continued to walk down the highway and starts to sing before a police officer arrives and attempts to take him into custody. Jackson ignored numerous commands to stop and get on the ground by Tulsa police officers. That's when an officer unsuccessfully used his Taser to subdue Jackson.

In a video Jackson is seen removing the wires from his body and running away again.

A second officer shows up and also uses his Taser. The two officers eventually get him on the ground and carry him away.

Jackson might have been having a mental episode or was under the influence of drugs, according to police.


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Ambulance Thief Caught At Jack in the Box Drive-Thru

While paramedics were on a call, a Texas man jumped into their ambulance and drove the vehicle, with its lights flashing, to a Jack in the Box, where he ordered food at the drive-through lane, police say. According to Houston police, Renaldo Leonard, 36, was charged with felony theft in connection with the ambulance heist. The stolen vehicle was tracked to a Jack in the Box, where Leonard "was at the drive up ordering food with emergency lights," cops noted. The restaurant is more than four miles from where the Houston Fire Department ambulance was stolen. In light of Leonard's prior criminal record, prosecutors have asked a judge to deny him bail. According to court records, Leonard's rap sheet includes separate felony convictions for PCP possession, robbery, and cocaine possession.

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Woman finds knife-wielding squirrel in back yard

A Toronto woman captured video when she looked into her backyard and was confronted with a bizarre sight: a squirrel holding a knife. Andrea Diamond, who lives in the Rosedale area of Toronto, said squirrels are a common sight in her back yard, but Wednesday morning she spotted a squirrel that had picked up a paring knife she had left near a tent outside her home. "So apparently knife wielding squirrels are a thing now," Diamond tweeted along with footage of the squirrel. She said the rodent gnawed on the knife handle for a while before abandoning the tool. She said the animal returned a short time later to chew on the knife a little longer. Diamond said the squirrel did not appear to have injured itself with the sharp object.