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January 12, 2021

Hey Everyone!

It's time to bust out the hot cocoa and the extra afghans because it's frigid cold today here in the Chicago area!

As if the freezing cold wasn't bad enough, but typically that means energy bills will spike which just adds insult to injury.

We all love saving money when we can, don't we? I'm featuring some amazing tips that will help you save energy and money while staying comfortably warm during the cold winter months.

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1:

Save up to $75 a year

Use the sun to help heat your home. When direct sunlight hits a window, there will be a slight warming effect even on the coldest day of the year. If the sun is hitting your windows - open the blinds and windows - capture as much of that free heat as possible.

When there is no direct sunlight on a window keep your blinds and curtains closed. This provides a bit of additional insulation for that window, which keeps the heat inside where you want it.

For better insulation use heavy fabric curtains or layer curtains to keep out drafts. They even sell insulated curtains with built-in thermal backing. One benefit to these curtains is they typically also provide light-blocking, which can help with light-sensitive sleepers.

Hint 2:

Move furniture away from vents

You may not even realized that you have placed some furniture in front of your heating vents when you moved in or re-arranged your home.

Go around your home and double check that vents are not being blocked, and if they are, find a way to move your furniture around - at least during the winter months.

This will make sure that every room is getting its max heat potential.