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January 13, 2021

Anaerobics: Destruction and Reconstruction

Click MeMark Baker (AKA @GuruAnaerobic)

So much of advice about health has been distorted by special interests. During this time of the pandemic health crisis, it is even more important for us to strip away the BS that special interests have crammed down our throats in order to rediscover what wise people have known throughout the ages.

When society, culture, and modernity are stripped away, we are essentially wild animals. Wildness is in our genes. The denial of this has led to all sorts of derangements and illnesses. For example, we now know that during periods of food deprivation the body 'eats itself' via the process of autophagy, and that this is a good thing not a bad thing. However, for the past fifty years we were told to constantly eat and keep energy stores topped up, thereby putting the brakes on a nutrient sensing signaling pathway that keeps us healthy.

I propose that most of the problems of human health come from being too domesticated - not wild enough. We've swapped ecological stress for chronic manmade stress. We've switched from robust, hard graft to 'fun-running' and Pilates. For five decades we were hooked up to a system which promoted the idea of aerobics and the world it spawned of balanced eating, moderation, calorie counting, fat-burning exercise, and other nonsense. This paradigm was so influential that millions switched from eating eggs for breakfast to bowls of processed, high-sugar breakfast cereals with skimmed-milk, or worse, soy milk. At the same time, we were told to avoid things that could harm us; the Sun, dirt, red meat and being hungry - elements of our lives for two million years.

Health is the most important asset you have - but it's an invisible asset, only becoming apparent when you start losing it. As a healthy person you may have one hundred problems, as is the nature of human existence - but when you have a severe chronic condition you only have one problem. You want to avoid this at all costs.

I have spent my entire life not just studying health and fitness, but practicing the things I write about in my book 'Anaerobics: Destruction & Reconstruction'. You can also follow me on Twitter with the handle: @GuruAnaerobic.

Editor's note: We are pleased to have Mark Baker write a guest column periodically to share his wisdom and insights into health and fitness. Please check out his book that is informational as well as entertaining.

Drawing from science, ecological common-sense, experience and observation, 'Anaerobics: Destruction & Reconstruction' is a unique look at health, nutrition and exercise - with ideas, advice and propositions about lifestyle and health you won't have read before. So often, what we miss is staring us in the face.

You can purchase here: 'Anaerobics: Destruction & Reconstruction'