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November 21, 2020

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

If you're a guy who is responsible for a $35 million-dollar Ponzi scheme, it's only fitting that when the authorities are on to you, you should attempt an escape like a super villain. That's exactly what this California man did when he dove into Shasta Lake in a submersible while fleeing law enforcement.

44-year-old Matthew Piercey, who owns two investment companies, was indicted for the $35 million-dollar Ponzi scheme.

When FBI agents tried to arrest the Palo Cedro man in Redding he drove off, leading authorities on a chase through neighborhoods and northbound Interstate 5. He then abandoned his car and tried to escape by diving into Shasta Lake in an underwater submersible vehicle, according to court documents.

He didn't make it that far and was arrested when he came out of the water 25 minutes later, authorities say.

Piercey is charged with wire fraud, money laundering and witness tampering. According to court documents, Piercey carried out an investment fraud scheme, raising $35 million in investor funds from July 2015 through August 2020.

He is accused of lying about trading algorithms, the success of the company's investment strategies and the liquidity of investments. On top of that, he allegedly discouraged witnesses from responding to grand jury subpoenas related to the investigation.

Piercey faces multiple charges that could land him in prison for up to 20 years.


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Decapitated body turns out to be a mannequin

An environmental nonprofit in Florida said a volunteer walking on a beach discovered what seemed to be a macabre scene -- but turned out to be a washed-up store mannequin. Ocean Hour, a Florida nonprofit that organizes beach clean-up events, said a volunteer named Kathleen was walking the beach on the intercoastal side of Perdido Key when she came across what initially seemed to be human body that was missing its head. The nonprofit said another witness on the scene called 911, but Kathleen took a closer look and discovered the barnacle-encrusted form was a headless store mannequin that had apparently spent a good amount of time in the water before washing up on the beach. "We are glad it wasn't a real body," Ocean Hour said in a Facebook post.

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Please stop throwing late students over the gate

An elementary school in France put up a pair of posters outside their fence with an unusual request for parents: Don't throw late students over the closed gate. The Trillade school in Avignon put up signs outside its gate showing a cartoon of a parent sending a small child airborne to get over the fence. The text on the sign asks parents not to throw their children, and instead wait for the gates to be opened again at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Principal Sanaa Meziane told La Provence that parents "literally threw their children" over the gate when they arrived to find it closed. Meziane said there were only a few scattered incidents, and no reported injuries, but there were enough tossed children to inspire school officials to take action and post the warnings as a "reminder."


So he describes a toilet explosion as getting shot by a cannon. Because everybody can easily relate to that.