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November 21, 2020

Howdy Folks,

Pre Black FridayI was in the doctor office the other day cuz I had myself a rather aweful cold. My nose was a runnin, my eyes were a waterin' and my feet were a stinkin'.

The doctor asked me the usual questions and then gave me the once over exam. He came to the conclusion that I just had one of them bad sinus inphections.

I was so releaved to hear the news cuz I was really worried about my health. With all the illnesseses around today you really got to be carefull. A sinus inphection is way better than gettin Cat Scratch Fever, Night Fever, Cabin Fever, Saturday Night Fever, or Fever Pitch. You never wannna be down with the sickness or homesick or lovesick... or... I think I better go and lay on down.

Take Care Y'all

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I peeked inside my dishwasher to see how it worked!

Why did you name him Cascade?

I haven't finished eating yet!

Low-tech prerinse cycle

Missed a spot.

Ah, dish is such a cozy spot.

But I don't get desert if I don't finish everything on my plate!

Dishwasher??? I thought you said load the dogwasher!!!

I told you I would clean the dishes!

I got the idea from watching the Flintstones

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