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November 20, 2020

Good Morning,

So Many DealsEven though summer is over, should we still be wearing sunblock?

Actually, you should be lathering yourself in sunscreen on bright, sunny days and especially more so on days that are overcast.

But did you know that just because you're inside all day doesn't mean you can skip the SPF? WHAT!?

Find out how to protect yourself and your skin every day.


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*-- You Should Still be Wearing SPF --*

If you're stuck at home all day and working by a sunny window, it is good for your mental health, but it isn't doing your skin any favors. Though most windows probably block UVB rays (which cause sunburns), UVA rays do penetrate through glass. These guys are the ones linked to deep wrinkles, sunspots and cancer.

So what does this mean then? You probably aren't going to burn sitting by your window. But you will be doing long-term damage to your skin. So wear an SPF of 30 or higher on any part of your skin that's exposed while sitting near any sunlit window.

It also wouldn't hurt to look into investing in a sunscreen that additionally protects against blue light, which is given off by tech like your laptop, phone and TV. There isn't much research as to how much blue light exposure damages your skin, but, just like UVA rays, we do know that blue light breaks down collagen and ages your skin.

As always, broad-spectrum protection is best, as is anything at or over SPF 30. We should also be sure to check the label to see how often to reapply (which will also depend on how much time you're spending sitting at that window and whether or not you're directly hit by the sun.

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