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October 17, 2020

Howdy Folks,

Gadgets2020The wife has been on me for a long time two paint the outside of the trailer. In recent years the paint has faded and chippered away so it is do for a little face lift as it were.

I got to it rather quickly cz the cold weather weave been haven is only gonna get colder and more weathery as time marches on.

So this time I decided to do something rather clever and smart. I painted the dang thing camoflage so that folks wouldn't see the place and ask us to buy things or appear in court. It seemed like the perfect plan until i couldn't find the place after comin home from work the other night.

It's not funny. I havent been home in over a week. Either i did too good a job on it or the wife moved. I'm not sure witch. Or maybe I need some eye glasses. I don't know.

Take Care Y'all

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