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September 16, 2020

Good Morning,

Big NewsI absolutely love this time of the year. The leaves are starting to change colors, the weather is just right, and my favorite holiday is on its way! It's Halloween, by-the-way.

This season not only brings us football, cooler temperatures and holidays - it also brings allergies. These allergies can cause sneezing, runny or stuffy noses, itchy throats and ears, itchy eyes and even hives. Allergies can even aggravate asthma symptoms as well, making this time of the year dreadful for some people. Below are a few ways to tackle those allergies inside your home so that you can start enjoying fall again!


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*-- Tackle Those Fall Allergies --*

First things first, check your weather daily. There are so many resources to check the weather. From watching the news, to instantly checking a weather app any way you choose will tell you the pollen count for your area based on your zip code.

If it's really high, make sure to restrict what you're doing outside. If you want to go out, try to do it in the middle of the day when the pollen levels are at their lowest. If you have to go out at other times of the day, when you get home, make sure to put your clothes in the washer and take a shower to make sure that any pollen attached to you won't spread in your home.

Make sure to vacuum your floors regularly. This will help remove any allergens that may be trapped inside your home. If possible, get a vacuum with a double-sealed HEPA filter. This will prevent the dirt and allergens from being blown back out into your environment if they get trapped into the vacuum.

Make sure to change your furnace and air conditioning filters every 3 months (or as directed by the brand you're using). Take the time to clean the furnace and air conditioner at the end of each season as well if possible. HEPA filters are great, they can remove at least 99% of pollen from the air in your home. HEPA filters are not cheap, but depending on what you need for your home, there are some alternatives for less expensive prices. Check with your local hardware store for best comparisons.

It may seem like a lot of this is "Stay Indoors" but honestly, that's not the case. Below are some facts that can help you to determine the best time to be out and about during this season!

- Rain washes pollen away, but remember that pollen counts can soar after a rainfall, so watch the counts, but enjoy the wash away while it lasts!

- On a day with no wind, airborne allergens are grounded so breathing is easier for you!

- Ragweed pollen, a huge culprit of allergies, as well as tree and grass pollen thrive during cool nights and warm days. So remember that if the temperature stays cool the next day, allergies are going to be easier to deal with!

- Sometimes bonfires, or even fireplaces, can cause allergies due to the pollen being attached to the wood. However if you stay out of the direct smoke from the fire and in the opposite direction of the wind, you should be able to enjoy a bonfire during the fall months!