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August 05, 2020

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A Pennsylvania man is in jail on felony charges after police say a woman found him in her home with her fedora in one hand and a sports drink from the refrigerator in the other.

According to Altoona police, Adam Zirtsch, 27, allegedly walked into the house, took a Powerade from the refrigerator and drank some of it before he walked to an upstairs bedroom and took the hat.

Police were called to the home about 4:30 p.m. after the woman found Zirtsch in a second-story bedroom, holding her fedora. She said she was getting ready for work in another bedroom when she heard an unknown voice.

When she walked into the other bedroom, Zirtsch was standing, holding her fedora and the sports drink. He then asked if he could have the hat, and when she told him he couldn't and that he needed to leave, Zirtsch allegedly started to explain that he was drunk, and then he fell over.

After a couple minutes, the woman grabbed Zirtsch and pushed him out of the house and in the process, collected the hat and Powerade drink from him, police said.

Police found Zirtsch walking down the block and indicated that he was unintelligible when he spoke and had a hard time answering questions.


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Gator traps residents inside apartment complex

Authorities responded to an apartment complex in Florida when an alligator wandered into a building and trapped some residents inside an elevator. The Lee County Sheriff's Office said two deputies responded alongside a trapper when a call came in about an alligator inside a building at the Estero Parc apartment complex in Lee County. The sheriff's office said residents ended up trapped inside the elevator when they found the alligator blocking the door. "Deputies responded and isolated the alligator until a certified trapper arrived and humanely removed the gator," the sheriff's office said. "The apartment complex community was extremely thankful for the deputies response."

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Woman fled police through hospital ceiling

Police in New Mexico said a woman accused of possessing a stolen truck attempted to escape custody through the ceiling of a hospital room. New Mexico State Police said Shylen Salazer, 34, was arrested alongside a male suspect when they were found near a stolen vehicle and while in holding Salazer told officers she had swallowed drugs and needed medical attention. Salazer, who was found to be concealing a pipe in her bra, was taken to Presbyterian Hospital, where she was found to be missing later in the evening. Police searched the hospital for about an hour before discovering Salazer was hiding in the ceiling of her hospital room. Salazer, who police said admitted to possessing the stolen truck for nearly two months, was charged with escape and receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle.


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