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August 01, 2020

Howdy Folks,

Seize DealsA good friend of mine, Garth, was about to have himself a garage sale. I'm the type of fella that enjoys gettin a good deal so I headed, on foot, on over there to check it out.

I met with Garth after checkin everythin out and makin the decision to asked him how much he was askin for the hole lot. I got an eye for quality when I see it.

Garth's wife Mirth said that they'd take $1,000 for everythin. I said, "Everthin?" Garth said, "Yes, sir!" So i told em they had a deal and off i went to get the money and some help.

I gave him the cash, avoided the usual deal sealin handshake, and thanked them both. And then the crane came in to lift up his garage and take it on over to my place. It was a nice garage, you should have seen it. It was a steal at $1,000 bucks!

Garth didn't seem too happy with all of this, but a deals a deal. I cant wait until they have them a yard sale.

Take Care Y'all

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