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July 01, 2020

Good Morning,

As Seen TV BSWhat is insomnia? Well I can start off by telling you what it isn't. Maybe you're at the office until the wee hours to get ahead at work...then boom! Insomnia is when you can't fall asleep, even though you want to, or you can't stay asleep long enough.

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*-- Health Problems that Cause Insomnia --*

Stress is a huge factor of insomnia. Events like a job loss or the death of a loved one often cause some sleepless nights. Your doctor might call it acute insomnia as long as it goes away on its own within a few nights. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or PTSD, this can lead to chronic insomnia, which is more serious.

A confused body clock can keep you up when it's time for bed. Perhaps that's the result of an inconsistent bedtime, a long flight from another time zone, working overnight, or changing shifts for your job. Some people simply have a different circadian rhythm that puts them out of sync with typical activities, so it's hard for them to sleep at "normal" times.

Heavy snoring could be sleep apnea, which cuts off your breathing and could wake you hundreds of times in a single night. You may not remember it, but you might feel groggy the next day. Sometimes it's related to your weight, but not always. Nasal allergies and asthma also could interfere with your breathing. A doctor can test you for these conditions, and help you manage and treat them.

Usually in middle age, a woman's body slowly stops making progesterone and estrogen. The shifting balance of hormones, as well as other changes that typically happen in life at this time, can make you more sensitive to things like stress that affect sleep. Severe hot flashes -- surges of adrenaline that raise your body temperature -- could be so uncomfortable that you wake up drenched in sweat, sometimes several times a night.