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May 21, 2020

Auto News

GM develops semi-autonomous system to rival Tesla's autopilot

A General Motors executive said that GM is developing a semi-autonomous driving system to rival Tesla's autopilot.

The new semi-autonomous driving system that GM is developing will allow its current Super Cruise system that operates on highways to also operate on city streets, said Doug Parks, GM executive vice president of global product development.

The new technology will incorporate highway enhancements, including lane changing and operating on exit ramps. The ability of the system to operate on city streets along with highway enhancements, will allow it to better compete with Tesla's autopilot driver-assist symptom, which functions on city streets.

GM has been competing with Tesla for years, launching Super Cruise in 2017, two years after Tesla debuted its autopilot.

The new system is referred to internally as "Ultra Cruise," but Parks said that may not be the official name.

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Car Care Tip

Radiator Flush

Flushing your radiator is a little more advanced than checking the oil or replacing the wiper blades, but with 30 minutes and a few tools you can save yourself a wad of cash by doing it yourself. With normal wear and tear, your car's radiator builds up deposits that can disrupt the cooling system. A radiator flush is a quick and inexpensive way to keep your system in shape.

Tools You Need: Phillips-head screwdriver or wrench, rags, radiator flush solution, coolant, funnel, used coolant receptacle.

1. Make sure your car is completely cool before you begin.
2. Check your owner's manual to find the radiator's drain plug. Put your used coolant receptacle in place, unscrew the drain plug, and let the old coolant drain completely.
3. Replace the drain plug and remove the radiator cap.
4. Use the funnel to add the radiator flush cleaning solution and then fill the rest of the radiator with water.
5. Replace the radiator cap.
6. Start the car, and let it run until it gets to its normal operating temperature.
7. Turn on your heater to its hottest position, and let the car run for 10 minutes.
8. Turn the car off and wait for the engine to cool completely.
9. Drain the contents of the radiator.
10. Refill the radiator with fresh coolant.
11. Be sure to dispose of the old coolant safely, by bringing it to an auto parts store, gas station, or mechanic. Its sweet taste can be enticing to pets, but old coolant is fatal.

Geared Up Gadgets

Turn your car's cigarette lighter or DC port into a 6-way charger with the 6-Port DC/USB Power Station. Featuring 2 DC ports and 4 USB ports you can use and charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The DC/USB Power Station splits one DC port into multiple sockets, so even if you have a full car, or multiple devices, you will be able to keep them all plugged in. Plus, a super convenient 3-foot power cord makes it easy for friends in the rear seat to charge their devices.

These days a lot of people use their vehicles like mobile offices, complete with a laptop. Don't be caught without access to all that juice right behind the dashboard. Keep this in your glove box and you'll never have to worry about forgetting your car charger again.

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