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February 15, 2020

Howdy Folks,

Gadgets2020I had myself a bit of an embareassin' situation last night.

This guy that i work with, Hanker, said that it would be the perfect night to get drunk an do sum dumb stuff. Like there isn't a perfect time to do some dumb stuff.

Anywhosit, we drank and drank and drank and puked and drank some more. Then we sang the song 'Heat Wave,' that Martha & the Vandellas used to sing, about 416 times at the top of out lungs. Then the fuzz showed up.

The coppers told us that we needed to get out of that dumpster behind the Denny's and try and touch our noses, but that just ended up with me and Hanker slappin each other in the face. I thought a few slaps wood of sobered us up but I guess not.

The cops wear Kuffin Hanker when one of 'em said, "Isn't it a full moon?" Then I proceeded to drop my drawers and then the cop tazered me. So when you look at it all after the fact, it really wasnt all that embarrassin'.

Take Care Y'all

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