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February 14, 2020

Good Morning,

NEW BestSellersHappy Valentine's Day! I hope all is well.

Katie, the scribe of Looking Good, sent this tasty bit of info about foods that will give you a boost of energy. With the way this winter has been going, I know I need it, and I also know that I can't be the only one. Thanks, Katie!

We can all agree, food is delicious and even if it makes you feel horrible after indulging it really is a love/hate relationship. Food fuels your body and your mind but have you ever noticed yourself getting sleepy after having a meal? So what foods take your energy away and which ones give you a quick boost?


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*-- Need an Energy Boost? Try These Foods --*

"Simple Carbs" are a known enemy to certain people. Myself included. The more I have the more I feel my body trying to unwind and take a nap. Foods like pasta, white bread, crackers, and sweets are made with lots of sugar or refined white flour so they don't have the fiber for your body to break down. This lets sugar get into your bloodstream really fast. You may get a quick burst of energy. But when your blood sugar drops back down, you may feel sluggish.

Don't mix up simple carbs for wholesome whole grains. Brown rice, barley, farro, oatmeal (not the instant kind), and whole wheat will give you the fiber that your body needs. This is going to keep your energy going stronger, longer. Best of all, these foods are packed with many nutrients.

I need my caffeine kick everyday. Whether it's nice Cup O' Joe or soothing cup of hot tea, it gives me that jolt of energy that I need to get my day going. But if you are something who drinks more than a few cups or drink it close to bedtime, you may have trouble dozing off. And that can make you feel tired the next day -- until you have your caffeine! If you have trouble sleeping, switch to a caffeine-free option at least 6 hours before bed.

All chocolate has caffeine in it. You'll also get serotonin, a chemical that may relax you but it really isn't enough to make you feel tired. It is super important that you watch your sugar intake with it though. Its quick energy burst will turn to bust before long. A little bit of chocolate is OK. For health benefits, dark chocolate beats milk chocolate because you get a higher percentage of the heart-healthy cacao that chocolate comes from.