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February 16, 2020

Hello Video Lovers,

The essence of your mind is immaterial. It is shaped by
whatever thoughts you put into it. That is why observing
your thoughts and asking yourself if they are still serving
your goals is essential to finding happiness. It is easy to
let our judgements and desires cloud our primary goals,
because most of the time they only aid us in securing daily
gratifications which can sidetrack us from our true dreams.

Let the Current Guide You

Many of our psychological hurdles can stem from trying too
hard to make an impression on others. People may say that
they do not care what other people think when in fact they
actually do. This is a normal part of human evolution that
trained us to fit into certain roles or duties within a tribe.
This normal behavior has mutated into an obsessive need for
peer validation that sucks us into a negative feedback loop.
Trust that you are enough and let the current guide you.

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