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July 13, 2019

Howdy Folks,

Top SellersThe fuzz brawt home my teenager the other night cuz Drew decided to attempt to purchase alcoholic booze for drinkin.

I couldn't even believe it. Then I saw the fake ID and Drew sportin a fake beard, made from the dogs hair that was shaved off, glued on my kids face. Just when you think you know some one.

You can't believe how mad i was at Drew. Why would she glue a dog-hair beard to her face? Oh, and for the tryin to buy hooch, too! That really burned my biscuits!

Take Care Y'all

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Move over Cat in the Hat for...Cat From the Hood.

Beats Walking

After I finish this neck massage I get to use the computer.

Timeout is very relaxing.

Who me?! I'm just hanging out!

There was a kangaroo in the family on my mother's side

What a great place to take a cat nap.

Best seat in the house.

Now that's a hood ornament.

I think I'm stuck. A little help!

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