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July 11, 2019

Hey Conservative Review Reader... mainstream media outlets refuse to air this WWII footage.

You won't even see it on Fox News.

Here's why:

The people who control our broadcasting channels today are from a new generation.

And they're ASHAMED of the crushing victory America claimed in WWII.

The greatest generation in history fought the war.

But today's generation is working to cover it up!

Even worse... America’s most prestigious battlefield triumph is now being forgotten.

I'm talking about the “Victory at Sea” won by our proud Naval Forces during WWII.

Without this “Victory at Sea,” our world would look very different today.

But I have good news: A small group of filmmakers created an in-depth documentary series to preserve the knowledge from these crucial WWII victories.

For a very short time, they're offering this footage at 85% off regular price to get it into as many American hands as possible.

However, this special "awareness promotion" is set to expire in approximately 12 hours...

Reserve your copy of this footage 85% off right now -- while it's still available, and before this short promotion closes.

Don't let them bury these victories away to be forgotten.

Proud to be an American,
-Gary Strobalski