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July 06, 2019

Howdy Folks,

99 cent showOh, it's bean so hot out that i feel like i'm sweatin to the Oldies, but I'll only 41 years of age. I'm so sweatie that i look like a glazed hamm, but I don't smell D-lish-us.

Anywho, Steve, the guy that writes the Daily Groaner said that he was in Florida, the state sunglasses state, and he was usin them ALL NEW Neck Chilly deals to keep him and his family cool.

Now if Steve recomends sumthin, like restaurnats, barber shops, trailer-hitch emporiums, then i usually give it a whirl. I gave the Neck Chilly a try and man, did it make me cooler than Lee Majops in 1974.

All you gotta do with this thing is just soak it in water, wring out and shake...then i get to enjoy the relaxin coolness for more mintues than i can count. And y'all can reuse it too so i take it to work with me cuz it gets hot in that garbage truck. Oh, and it has a sleek design so you git to wear it around yer neck or as a banadana around the noggin and you can still put your hat, helmet, or other head-cover over it!

Take it from me, Jethro Jethro, that if you want to be cool or kool like me and that Steve guy then git yerself the Neck Chilly!

Its totally cool! Click Here and check out our demo video and order your Neck Chilly today!

Now, i've got pics and captions and...nope, that's it. Stay cool' y'all!

Take Care Y'all

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Now that's what I call a Royal flush.

My wife told me there was a leak...

You got any fours?

Can't win a hand, I'm drowning in debt

When I said pool party I wasn't kidding!

A still shot from the opening scene of that new sequel thriller, "Jaws: The Card Shark"

The wives will never catch us here!

Let's pool our resources!

Nothing fishy about THIS game.

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