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June 27, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Before you go out and spend money on a special product for your bathroom or kitchen, stop and think again!

Chances are you already have something in the house that will do the job just as well, and that is safer for you and your family without the harsh chemicals!

Salt and baking soda, two household staples in almost everyone's home, are here to the rescue.

If you have any handy ways you use household staples please email me. Address is below!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Salt to the rescue

A box of salt is an important item in many bathrooms.

In mild solutions, it makes an excellent mouthwash, throat gargle or eye-wash; it is an effective anti-septic; and it can be extremely helpful as a massage element to improve complexion.

Don't share your drink with summer bugs, the Cappy's got you covered.

Hint 2: Don't throw that mug away!

Is your tea or coffee staining your mugs?

Wet the inside of the mug and sprinkle some baking soda all over the
inside. Let it sit for a while, rinse, and then wash as you would normally. This should do the trick, unless the mug is really stained, then you may need to do it two or three times, or let the baking soda stay on longer.

'Go Green' Hint:

New 4 BelowSave the chemicals. Safer and cheaper household products can often do the job of poisonous chemicals like drain cleaners. And even if they don't you can always fall back on the commercial products...but no reason not to try this first!

Unclog your drains almost instantly! Drop a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets down the opening, then pour in a cup of vinegar. Wait a few minutes and then run the hot water at full force to clear the clog. This is also a good way to eliminate kitchen drain odors.