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July 16, 2019

Click to read about our staffThere are advantages to getting older, one of which is saving money.

All kinds of places offer senior discounts. Some you probably know like restaurants. But there are countless more places.

I'm sorry I just learned that in a lot of these places you "unlock" the savings at the age of 50! I now ask almost everywhere I go, "Do you have a senior discount?"

If you think you need to be a member of AARP to qualify, you don't!

I've rounded up some of the best senior discounts that don't require a paid membership. This is just a small list. Remember these words... "Do you have a senior discount?" You'll be surprised how much you can save.

One caveat is you might have to prove your age by showing an ID or join the companies loyalty program which is almost always free.

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Rite Aid: On the first Wednesday of each month, seniors age 65 and up get 20% off almost the entire store. You do have to be a member of Rite Aid's wellness65+ program, but it's free to join.

Walgreens: For a limited time each month, shoppers 55 years and older can save 20% on regular priced eligible items — both in stores and online. Again here you must be a member of Walgreens' Balance Rewards program, this is also free to join.

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Wireless providers...

Sprint: They have a discounted Unlimited 55+ plan for customers age 55 and older.

T-Mobile: Also an Unlimited 55 plans for customers who are 55 or older.

Verizon: The Go Unlimited plan is discounted to customers who are 55 or older. Note that the eligibility requirements include having a billing address in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Texas or Detroit. I don't quite understand why!


American Airlines: American Airlines' senior rates can be seen when you visit their advanced search page and selecting “Senior (65+)” under the “Passenger 1” drop-down menu.

Southwest Airlines: 65 is the golden age here! You get discounts on domestic and international itineraries. Plus their senior fares are refundable, too.

United Airlines: United also offers senior fares, for flights to select destinations, to those age 65 and older.

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State Farm: While it's not specifically a discount for seniors, State Farm's Drive Safe and Save program can cut some drivers' insurance bills by up to 50 percent. Using data from your vehicle's OnStar or SYNC systems, State Farm looks at your mileage and driving patterns to calculate how much you can save on your premium. Us seniors who don't typically drive very much could save big.

GEICO: They have a range of car insurance discounts for the 50-plus crowd. In some states, it also offers a guaranteed renewal contract to seniors who have been accident-free for three years and do not have any drivers under 25 in their households.

In Closing...

There are thousands and thousands of discounts out there. Do a little research online before heading out to a store, restaurant or anywhere really. But most of all don't forget to ask... "Do you have a senior discount?"