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June 12, 2019

Hey Everyone!

The Handy Can Opener is a miracle of design. At only ten ounces it is the perfect size and has great features like the specially designed cutting blade which always leaves a safe, smooth edge on your opened cans.

Watch our video so you can see just how easy and effortlessly you can open cans. No more having to hold the can while you open it.

Open ANY can practically hands-free in seconds! Small, medium, or large size cans are no problem.

It's so EASY to use. Just place The Handy Can Opener on the can, push and hold the button until it starts to move, let go and it will open shortly. It's that easy!

The best Handy Can Opener Around! Get yours today!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Make a DIY knife block

Repurpose some cool, vintage books (old cookbooks are great) by standing them upright and tying them together with twine.

Once they're securely fastened together, you can slide your large knives down between the pages for storage.

Just make sure to always dry the knives thoroughly before putting them away.

Turn your yard into a tropical paradise with Solar Dancing Flame Lights!

Hint 2: Unstick your drawers

If you have stubborn drawers that don’t open smoothly, remove them and rub an old candle along all the surfaces on the bottom of the drawer that touch the dresser.

Do the same for the dresser and your drawers will slide open easily again.

Are you ready to cut the cable cord and save money monthly?

'Go Green' Hint: Buy locally grown produce

Who knew that fruits and vegetables could be such globe-trotters?

North American produce can travel a minimum of 1,500 miles to get into the hands of shoppers at grocery stores.

This transportation uses barrels upon barrels of crude oil and spews out pollutants and greenhouse-gases on the trip. If you buy your seasonally available produce from local farmers you can reduce your food miles and cut down on pollution, while helping your local economy.