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June 11, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Solar Outdoor LightI mentioned this time and time again, but I try to do as much cleaning as I can using natural ingredients! I'm not a fan of using harsh chemicals, especially in my kitchen where I prep and eat my food. I want to clean with ingredients I would digest since food falls on the counter tops at time - no chemicals here for me.

If you are like me and are looking for a more natural way to clean try this trick or two:

To disinfect your cutting board use lemons and kosher salt. Simply sprinkle salt on your board and scrub with half of a lemon. The lemon juice kills all the icky bacteria, while the salt scrubs away any small food particles that are present.

Then, you can use the other half of the lemon to scrub your faucets to make them shiny and clean as well.

I, also, clean my counters with a homemade solution of half water and half vinegar. Some times I don't like the scent of the vinegar so I will add a few drops of any essential oil.

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The messy bird problem at my house has been solved thanks to this!

Hint 1: Produce less heat with 'smarter' light bulbs

Did you know that incandescent bulbs only convert around 10% to 20% of their energy to light - the rest is largely released as heat?

Simply switching your lightbulbs to LEDs or CFLs, which convert nearly 90% of their energy into light, will make your home feel at least two degrees cooler.

PLUS making the switch to LED or CFL will save you about $100 on your energy bill over the life of the bulb.
What are you waiting for? Make the light bulb switch today!

Hint 2: Baby powder to the rescue...

This bathroom staple can tackle a whole host of summer beauty arghs...

Complexion mattifier: Pat a small amount onto greasy skin. It sops up oil for a shine-free face.

Foot deodorizer: Sprinkle a little on your feet and in your shoes. The powder absorbs moisture to fend off stinky odors that come from sweating.

Blister preventer: Brush some powder onto blister-prone areas like your heels or toes to create a friction-reducing barrier between your skin and your shoes.

'Go Green' Hint: Cover your pool when it’s not in use

Not only will it keep the water from evaporating and prevent the need for refills, but the pool will stay cleaner, require fewer chemicals, and reduce the need to run pumps and filters—all of which can save water and energy.

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