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May 29, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Do you ever go to garage sales? Sometimes I'll stop into one just out of archeological curiosity. It is amazing what people will accumulate over the years. But every now and then you will find a real treasure or two.

And just like some crazy old guy who's lived in the same house for 30 years, the buyers for our online store have accumulated some real winners and some real curiosities. But summer is coming and we have to make room for new merchandise, so we're having a garage sale!

Just click on the link and cruise around and you're going to find a whole bunch of products at BIG DISCOUNTS.

There are plenty of great buys that most everybody will appreciate like; a very nice Chef's Knife for $2.99, the heavy-duty Gilmour Twist Hose Nozzle (which is one of the best nozzles you can buy) for a ridiculous $3.51, a solar-powered, 16-foot LED rope light for $8.91, and our best-selling Luxury Faux Mink Sherpa Throws.

That last one is an odd choice for the garage sale page, because those throws have been one of our best sellers for years. But I think they might be replacing them with a new product.

Those are just A FEW of the hot items you're going to find. But there are also a number off-the-wall items that are only going to appeal to a very specific kind of buyer, like the Giant Flower Bird Feeders you put in your garden for $8.91, or the Dual Sided Exercise Gliding Discs that let you 'ice skate' in place while you're standing in your living room. You can take those home for under 4 bucks.

The Infinity Light Bluetooth Speakers are kind of cool if you're into psychedelic look. Or you can open all of your wine bottles with an Injector Pump Bottle Opener for only $5.91.

There are dozens and dozens of items to look at. Click the link here to browse around for a few minutes.

Who knows? You might get lucky.


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Teen Builds Rocket-Powered Skateboard

This should end well. A Virginia high schooler unveiled the rocket-powered skateboard he designed and built in his quest to break a Guinness World Record. Marcus Targonski of Charlottesville said he and his friends have been working for several months to design and build a skateboard powered by what is essentially a miniature version of a jet plane engine. "We began to draft using 3D modeling software to figure out how we want to lay the board out and what we want to do," he told local news. Targonski said he has been able to reach speeds of 60 mph in trial runs, but he needs to be able to maintain the speed for 328 feet in two directions to qualify for the Guinness record.

Canada is Suffering a Leech Shortage?

Gadgets2Apparently there are thousands of Canadians who are desperately in need of Leeches. Otherwise why would a man try to smuggle nearly 5,000 live leeches in a grocery bag on a flight from Russia to Toronto's Pearson International Airport? The discovery was made after a dog working with border agents smelled the leeches. The leeches were identified as Hirudo verbana, one of only two species of medicinal leech that come under regulations aimed at controlling wildlife trade. "These species are regulated because over-harvesting of medicinal leeches from the wild is a major threat to the species," a statement said. The parasites, which drink the blood of animals and humans, were one of the first species subject to conservation measures, dating back to 1823. Medicinal leech saliva contains blood-thinning properties and was vital in the first positive results of human dialysis treatments. Ippolit Bodounov was charged with the unlawful import of a regulated species and fined $11,000.


I used to be an attorney. [I'm sorry.] I came to my senses and retired. Your story about the bonehead criminal reminds me of SOOOO many of my clients. Thanks for the sentimental journey.

The man who's house was cleaned had a good reason why his kitchen was not done. He kept snakes in that room.

LEWIS; FGS if you can afford to own a handgun spend a little more and buy a holster to carry it in. Sticking a loaded pistol into a pocket or waistband is indeed a serious and potentially fatal accident waiting to happen. R.S.
[Only if you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.]

Cleaning Bandits are welcome to come into my house and clean. Not steal, just clean.