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May 22, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

As Seen TV BSSometimes people die for a reason; Maybe they are a soldier, or maybe they overdose on drugs. Some people just get sick and die for no reason at all.

Then there are the people who get run over while doing pushups, naked in the street. The unfortunate fitness enthusiast was 43-year-old James Earl Hunter of Oregon.

Portland Police were called to a report of a man running naked in traffic at 4 a.m. As officers responded, a second report came in that the naked man was doing push-ups in the street. Then, a third report that he'd been struck by a vehicle.

Officers and emergency medical workers found the man, deceased, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The driver of the vehicle that struck the man remained at the scene and was cooperative. The driver was not impaired by alcohol or drugs, according to police.


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'Shut Up and Drive'

It's the nature of technology to evolve, but not all change is good. Take the latest innovation to the Uber app. The new "conversation" allows riders to choose 'quiet preferred', 'happy to chat' or 'no preference' before ordering a car. In a forum for Uber drivers, some categorically decried the change as a violation of free speech, while others said determining a rider's needs can be a source of anxiety. Still others worried about how the feature would affect their ratings. "It feels like they are just turning us into robots,” one driver said. "This feature is telling us to just shut up and drive, and as a human being, I don't like being told how to do my job."

Instead of worrying about getting older and your 'flaws', focus on what's right.

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When It Pays To Have Spider Insurance

Nobody likes spiders, but which would you like less; dealing with a spider in your lap or losing your vehicle in a river? For this Georgia woman the choice was easy. The woman told a state trooper she was trying to back her Kia van down a boat launch on the Etowah River to put her kayak in the water when a spider jumped in her lap. Naturally, she jumped out of the van. The van then rolled into the river, the Georgia State Patrol said. The agency sent a trooper to the boat launch, but by the time the trooper arrived, the van had long slipped out of sight. "She stated that it floated downstream a few feet," a GSP spokesman said. "And within seconds, it was totally submerged." The woman's insurance company will foot the bill for a dive team to locate the van and tow it out of the river.


So, the farmer got his right leg stuck stuck in an auger a few years ago, and now he got his left one chewed off by stepping into an auger? Something tells me this guy isn't the sharpest bulb in the drawer.

That facial recognition stuff is scary. And now they're ticketing people in Britain for not exposing their faces? How long before that shit makes it over here? I think we're heading down a dark road and it looks like it's a dead end.
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