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May 22, 2019

Good Morning,

Common cures are not as commonly known these days. Now, it seems that they are making a comeback.

Today, I have selected a few of those classic remedies that are handy as they are effective.

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5 Old-School Remedies That Need to Make A Comeback

1. Lemons for Motion Sickness - Looking for ways to survive a rough road trip? Pack lemons! It's the perfect way to reduce car sickness. According to dietitian Erin Palinski-Wade, "Motion sickness causes you to produce excess saliva, which can upset your stomach and trigger a nauseated feeling. Sucking on a lemon, which causes your mouth to pucker from the sore taste, can reduce the production of saliva, which in turn can help to prevent the nausea associated with it." Also lemon water may work, too, and even sniffing the refreshing scent of lemon can help.

2. Duct Tape for Warts - Originally invented during World War II, duct tape being used to cure warts is a low-tech method that's actually been endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology and has research to back it up. Although doctors aren't exactly sure why it works, one study found that placing duct tape over warts was 25 percent more effective than freezing them-and much cheaper to boot.

3. Tennis Ball for Achy Feet - Did you know that a tennis balls can be used as a massage device for tired feet. This old-school remedy is low-tech, but very effective, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. According to certified athletic trainer Phillip Adler, PhD, "The tennis ball helps to lengthen tight tissue on the bottom of the foot. Combined with heel cord stretching, or Achilles stretching, this technique can be very helpful for plantar fasciitis."

4. Avocado for Razor Burn - Avocado is rich with vitamins and oils that soften and hydrate skin to relieve the tenderness of razor burn. Apply avocado oil directly to the irritated skin.

5. Ice for Headaches - Here's the oldest, and coolest, of old-school remedies - Ice! The National Headache Foundation is pro applying cold packs on the forehead and temples. And a study from the University of Hawaii has found that a frozen wrap placed in the front of the neck, over the carotid arteries, can significantly reduced pain especially in those suffering migraines.