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May 17, 2019

Good morning crew,

New GadgetsThis weekend the wife and I are meeting ol' Mason and his wife at the Chicago Hofbrauhaus. That's always a worthwhile adventure. But I feel guilty every time I go there. And it's not because of the 2 or 3 quarts of delicious Dunkel bier I usually drink. It's because I always chicken out.

You see, I only get to go to the Hofbrauhaus 2, maybe 3 times a year if I'm lucky. And because of that I'm afraid to experiment, so I always get the kartoffelpuffer mit raucherlachs (smoked salmon on crispy potato pancakes) followed by the Schnitzel Wiener Art with Bavarian potato salad. I know it, I love it, and I haven't been disappointed with it yet.

But there are so many other delicious sounding things on the menu. Like; the smoked pork loin with dark beer sauce, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, or the wiesenhendl which is a roast chicken stuffed with beer butter, parsley and onions, or the secret 'tower of sausages' which is a three tiered platter loaded with an assortment of Rostbratwurst, Knackwurst, Bockwurst (or Frankfurters), Weisswurst (or white sausages) and currywurst. It's not even on the menu, you have to order it special.

But when I know it is probably going to be six months before I get back there again, I can't pass up on the half inch thick cutlet, breaded and fried a crisp, golden brown, served with a human brain-sized scoop of creamy German potato salad. There is just no place on the south side (where I live) that makes one as good.

So we'll see. Maybe I'll get the schnitzel and talk the wife into ordering the tower of sausages. She only likes the Bockwurst which means I'll get to bring the rest of them home for myself!

Laugh it up,


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"Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?" he asks.

The two Americans just stare at him.

"Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?" he tries. The two continue to stare.

"Parlare Italiano?" No response.

"Hablan ustedes Espanol?" Still nothing.

The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted. The first American turns to the second and says, "Y'know, maybe we should learn a foreign language."

"Why?" says the other. "That guy knew four languages, and it didn't do him any good."

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"Johnny!" shouted his mother. "Watch your language! You're not allowed to use those kinds of words."

"But, Mom," replied the boy, "that's what the teacher taught us, and she said to recite it out loud till we learned it."

Next day Johnny's mother called the teacher to complain. "Oh, heavens," said the teacher. "That's not what I taught them. They're supposed to say, 'Two plus two, the sum of which is four.'"