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May 11, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Sale 99centThere's free speech, and then there is common decency. A Florida man crossed the line with a window sticker on his pickup truck that got at least one sheriff's deputy ruffled.

Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was arrested in Lake City after a Columbia County sheriff's deputy saw the message on the rear window of the vehicle. When the officer pulled Webb over, he claimed the sticker violated a Florida statute dealing with the possession and distribution of obscene material.

Webb disagreed, saying the message was "just words."

But when the deputy asked Webb to remove the sticker that read "I eat ass", the suspect refused, citing his First Amendment rights, according to the report.

That prompted the deputy to ask Webb how "a parent of a small child would explain the meaning of the words," to which Webb replied that it would be "up to the parent."

Webb was then charged with resisting and taken to jail, only to be released several hours later on $2,500 bond. The truck was towed, but Webb said the sticker was still in place when he retrieved the vehicle from the impound lot.

"I guess this cop just didn’t find it funny, and he just thought he has to put me in jail," Webb said.

Webb now plans to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the sheriff's office.


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Child Finds Meth Worth $40k in Lego Box

Authorities in Georgia said a child opened a Lego box purchased from a consignment store and found $40,000 worth of meth instead of plastic bricks. The Bullock County Sheriff's Office said three women told investigators they purchased the box, which was labeled as containing Lego toys, at a consignment shop in Charleston, S.C., and brought it back to Statesboro, where they gave it to a young child. Sheriff's Investigator Jim Riggs said the child opened the box and discovered a large bag of methamphetamine, which police estimated to be about $40,000 worth of the drug. The sheriff's office said they believe the meth had been hidden inside the box by drug distributors and mailed to an empty or abandoned address. Investigators said postal workers will sometimes not to deliver to addresses dubbed vacant, and the unclaimed packages will later be auctioned off. They said that was likely how the box ended up for sale at a consignment shop.

No One Can Hold a Candle to This Guy

An Idaho man broke his 100th Guinness World Record when he fit 100 lit candles in his mouth at one time. David Rush, whose previous records include the most corn kernels eaten using a toothpick in three minutes, crammed the candles into his mouth at the TEDxBoise event. A video of the attempt shows Rush, who uses his world record attempts to promote STEM education, placing the candles in his mouth before they are ignited by a member of his support team. Rush holds the candles in his mouth for a full 30 seconds. The previous record was 41 candles and was set in 2018 by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya of Mumbai, India.

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Lewis, too many people are trusting, which is another way to say too many people are stupid. Look at what people willingly put on the Internet now, without any coercion. I doubt it took much to get some people to take off their clothes and paint a pentagram on their chest - or whatever the 'ritual' was that got them in trouble.