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May 10, 2019

Good morning crew,

There is a promotion test at the taekwondo school this weekend and I feel a kind of casual social obligation to attend. That means I won't be able to spend 10 hours on Saturday smoking in my backyard. I do have a pork butt recipe that I am kind of curious to try, but to be perfectly honest I think it will be a while before I have the motivation to put myself through that kind of marathon again. It was fun, but there are more efficient ways to get a good meal.

Take our new Electric Skillet with a Tempered Glass Lid for example.

This extra large (12" x 15") nonstick skillet is a versatile cooking option that you can use just about anywhere you can plug it in. That means not just the kitchen, but the office break room, a dorm room, heck - you can even use it in the backyard.

Imagine you're having a cookout and you want to sautee some peppers and mushrooms to top the steaks you're grilling. Or you want to simmer your bratwursts in some beer before throwing them on the grill. This would be the perfect thing to have sitting on a tabletop right next to your grill.

But you can make just about anything in it, from pancakes to a savory stir fry. And with electric control you can even set it at 'low' and use it as a warming dish for your next cocktail party.

If you're looking to add some versatility to your cooking options click here for all the details or to order yours.

Laugh it up,


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"As part of a limited campaign, McDonald's is offering forks made from French fries. Not to be outdone, Long John Silver's began offering seafood made from fish." -Conan O'Brien


"American Airlines recently announced that they plan on cutting leg room in economy class, while United Airlines announced they'll be cutting legs. 'We are coming down with the beverage cart! Get your legs out of the aisle!'" -Seth Meyers


"Apple has announced that it'll be removing the handgun emoji from its smartphones and replacing it with an emoji of a squirt gun. In case you weren't paying attention, there are now more restrictions on gun emojis in the United States than on actual guns." -James Corden

Too Much Pet Hair Or Lint? Our 5-Star Fur Wizard Is Just $7.99 PLUS Get a Free Travel Version!

Little Johnny's father asked him what he wanted for his birthday. "A baby brother," he said. Later that year, his mother came home from the hospital with a baby boy.

Little Johnny was delighted. "And what would you like this year for your birthday?" his father asked.

He said, "If it isn't too uncomfortable for mommy, I'd like a pony."

Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes

ATV 2018[Here is a classic that I haven't heard in a month of Sundays (as the saying goes). But the great thing about old jokes is that eventually they become new all over again.]

Two grave diggers are working in a cemetery in Vienna one night, when they hear scuffling coming from one of the graves. At first they are terrified, but morbid curiosity gets the better of them and they unearth the grave. They hear some hushed rubbing and scraping sounds coming from inside the coffin. Hands shaking, they pull off the lid. Inside; they find Beethoven's skeleton, furiously erasing notes off of old scores.

"Wha-," one of the grave diggers is petrified, "What are you doing, Herr Beethoven?"

The ghoulish composer looks up with empty eyes sockets, and says, "What does it look like? I'm decomposing!"