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May 08, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Your hands will applaud you after using the Difeel Olive Hand Cream!

This is one of the best hand creams I have used in quite some time, and affordable. My hands went from dry and cracked to fabulous in just two applications!

If you are familiar with Crabtree & Evelyn products, you know how great their products are but they are more on the expensive side! The Difeel Olive Hand Cream is 'hands down' just as good as the Crabtree & Evelyn product line but at half the price.

Enriched with vitamins and nutrients that completely absorbs into your skin, so it won't leave that icky oily residue behind! It just leaves your hands feeling ultra-soft, and smelling absolutely fantastic! The scent is a subtle citrus scent that you will just love!

Difeel Olive Hand Cream

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Protect Your Pillows

The bad news: your pillows are teaming with everything from bacteria to dead skin to dust mites.

The good news: keeping them clean isn’t that hard. In addition to washing your pillow cases once a week and washing the pillows themselves on a monthly basis, buying antimicrobial zippered pillow protectors can help keep your bed free of any unwanted microscopic guests.

Hint 2: Outsmart the #1 Travel Pain

When you know you'll be seated for four hours or more, grab a pair of compression knee socks or calf sleeves.

A study concluded that the compress in compression socks keeps blood in circulation - and that cuts the risk of DVT by 63%.

Try these: Verge Compression Socks

'Go Green' Hint: Line dry

If you have a clothes dryer, there's a good chance it uses more energy than anything else in your home. Grab a clothes rack, set up a clothes line outside, or just hang wet laundry on clothes hangers around the house.

Hang 'em high and they'll be dry in a day or two—without spiking the electricity bill.