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May 08, 2019

Good Morning,

Saturday was our annual Run for Your LIFE SAFETY 5K! Besides being unbelievably sore and reminded just how out of shape I am I had a great time. However, my son Sean didn't have too much fun seeing as he tripped and fell scrapping up his knees pretty bad.

He was bleeding and was in quite a bit of pain; I think the shock of the fall bothered him the most. He kept on asking for something for his knees, but I had nothing on me or in the car to deal with his injures. My kingdom for a first aid kit! The second I got into work on Monday I ordered myself the 210 Piece Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit.

I put the kit in my car because I know my kids, and with summer right around the corner, they're sure to get plenty of scrapes, cuts, bumps, and bruises - and now I can treat whatever comes our way.

The kit includes an assortment of bandages, a cold pack, vinyl gloves, tweezers, scissors, cotton balls, alcohol prep pads, antiseptic wipes, a sterile eye pad, safety pins, even an emergency blanket. It such a great thing to have handy when you really need it - especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or just being active.

You never think accidents are going to happen, but when they do, are you prepared for them? With the 210 Piece Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit you'll always be prepared.

Click here to see the complete detailed breakdown of all the items in the kit listed on our website.

And speaking of running, walking, and marathoning, today I have an interesting article about first-time marathon training may actually 'reverse' blood vessel aging. Enjoy!


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First-time marathon training may 'reverse' blood vessel aging

Training for and finishing a marathon for the first time may reverse aging in the body's blood vessels, new research shows.

After finishing a first marathon, the average runner's aortic vessels were four years younger than before they began training for the event, according to findings presented Friday at EuroCMR 2019.

"The benefits of exercise on the heart and circulation are well-established, and are associated with lower cardiovascular disease and mortality," Sanjay Sharma, medical director of the London Marathon and a study author, said in a news release.

Blood vessels stiffen as people age, which can lead to elevated risk for heart disease and stroke. But the researchers believed that lifelong athletes had biologically younger blood vessels.

To explore this idea further, the researchers advised a group of soon-to-be first time marathon runners to prepare for the event by running six to 13 miles a week. They asked the runners to continue this for six months leading into the 2016 or 2017 London Marathon.

Prior to the training and two weeks after the marathons, the researchers calculated the biological age of the runners' aortas using MRI and ultrasound scans.

Older runners and those with slower finish times fared the best, showing a higher reduction in stiffness than younger or faster runners.

"Novice runners who trained for six months and completed their first marathon had a four-year reduction in arterial age and a 4-milliliter drop of mercury in systolic blood pressure," said Anish Bhuva, a researcher at University College London and study author.