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April 27, 2019

Howdy Folks,

Kitchen 2019My neighbor caught me eatin' dog food the other day. I wasn't sure what I was actually eatin', but i was hungry and the can didn't have a lable on it. What are you gonna do?

I wasn't embarrassed though. I offered him some but he refused to savor the sweet flavor like I was a doin'.

The jokes on him though cuz my teeth have never been whiter and my hair has never been shinier. I started chasing cars though. Is that bad?

Take Care Y'all

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Get OUT of my way!

OMG! A cat-astrophy!

DUIC (driving under the influence of catnip)

Those dogs cut me off again.

"The speed limit is 45, not 30 you moron".

That mouse is getting away!!!!

Can't reach the brake!! Can't reach the brake!!


MOVE IT!!! There's a catnip sale and I'm NOT gonna miss it!!

What do you mean the glove box is NOT a litter box!

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