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April 20, 2019

Howdy Folks,

As Seen TV BSThat Easter Bunny is sposed to hop on by tomorrow...and I'm gonna be ready fer 'em!

You see, he and me have got ourselfs a checked history as those Parker Brothers like to say. Years ago, one Easter mornin, I was out with the young'uns partakin in a tradiitonal Easter Egg Hunt when I found these little round chocolates scattered all over the yard.

Well, it ain't like me to pass up free candy so i got down and scooped up all of the round chocolate balls i could find. After the hunt was done I yielded around 60 of those melty devils, I ate a few during my feverish search, I'm not gonna lie.

Well, after the wife and the young'uns caught wind of my findings, and my breath, they informed me of my treat was in fact made by a rabbit, but not in a way that was NOT to be consumed as an Easter treat or for any eatin purposes what so ever.

That bunny is gonna learn that its Easter, not Halloween! No tricks this Sunday, just treats! Got it! I think I'm gonna brush my teeth again, just in case.

Take Care Y'all

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I would seriously suggest seeing a urologist . . . and quick!

Ya, and I crap rainbows! What of it?

you must have Easterroids look what you left behind..

Wait til you see the ladies room!

My bladder was egs-tremely full.

Bad Egg Hiding Places #42

I think I might have to have my eyes checked.

Aim to have a good Easter.

The Easter egg hunt has been CANCELLED !!!

Peter is in the John

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