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April 16, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Today's issue is all about gardening.

It's easy to give your spring blooms and veggies a boost by transforming everyday throwaways into a natural fertilizer or pest repellent.

No-cost tricks for a gorgeous garden is starting now...

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Keep tomatoes healthy with milk

If your milk has gone bad, don't you dare pour it down the sink!

Milk helps plants fight off diseases.

Simply dilute it - nine parts water to one part milk - then pour it over the soil near your plants.

It works especially well on tomatoes because the milk's bacteria act as fungicides that help them resist diseases!

The slightest breeze will transform your favorite outside spot into a melodic symphony

Hint 2: Grow blue-ribbon veggies with eggshells

Calcium doesn't just strengthen our bones, it also fortifies the 'bones' of young plants, especially yummy veggies, which need the mineral to build the cell walls that form their roots, stems, and leaves.

Eggshells are primarily made of calcium carbonate, so just crush them up and sprinkle around young seedlings to give them a healthy head start!

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'Go Green' Hint: Use a Lead-free hose

You read that correctly. Most garden hoses contain lead. It is used as a stabilizer in the brass coupling and to make hoses supple and more durable.

Take a look at the back of the packaging on a hose, you’ll notice a warning advising to never drink from it. Some say not to let the hose lay out in the sun and bring it indoors after each use (to reduce the amount of lead and other chemicals leaching).

Practical advice, right? Luckily, lead-free garden hoses are becoming more common.