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April 13, 2019

Howdy Folks,

ATV 2018Well, my weekend is kind of a bust...literal-lee! I've have got to fix my garbage disposal. You see, my Uncle Merlin and Aunt Bertha were over fer supper the other night and Merlin was so taken with my wife's cookin that he offered to wash the dishes upon the completion of the meal.

I told him that that wasnt at all nessessarry, but he insisted like he always does. So I told him how about i wash em dishes and he dry em and put them back to where from we got em. He agreed as he always does.

Things were goin good. We were gabbin about whether potatoes or monsters are better when mashed when Merlin was puttin a servin platter away and acccident-lee nocked down one of the pepper shakers spillin black pepper all over the place as he always does.

Then, Merlin started sneezin like crazy! And much like he always does, he snneezed the twopay straight off of his head and right into the disposal. Of course the thing was a runnin and that mini flyin squirrel got stuck in there. So, here I am on my Saturday, tryin to free Merlin's head fuzz from my sink. Its gonna be one of those days.

Now, tommorrow, I'm gonna have to clean all of the hair out of the shower drain. That thing is backed up for days. Thanks, Aunt Bertha. That woman sheds like a retreiver as she always does.

Take Care Y'all

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