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April 12, 2019

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Gadgets2"I feel the need...the need for speed!" That's right! Today's featured 'Where Are They Now' Celebrity is Kelly McGillis. McGillis starred in three of the biggest movies of the '80s Witness (1985), Top Gun (1986), and The Accused (1988). She's had a successful career that has kept her busy with numerous film, television, and stage productions.

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Burt Lancaster: Starred in "The Birdman of Alcatraz", "Run Silent Run Deep", "Elmer Gantry", "Local Hero" and many other movies

Lorne Greene: Played Ben Cartwright (also known as "Pa") on the TV series "Bonanza" and Commander Adama on the series "Battlestar Galactica"

Cicely Tyson: TV and movie actress, "Sounder", "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman"

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Kelly McGillis

Learn More About Kelly McGillis, see Then & Now pictures, and find out What She's Been Up To on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: July 9, 1957 in Newport Beach, California, USA

BIRTH NAME: Kelly Ann McGillis

CLAIM TO FAME: Kelly McGillis is an American actress best known for her film role as Rachel Lapp in Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford, for which she received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. Her other memorable roles include flight instructor Charlie in Top Gun (1986) with Tom Cruise, and as Kathryn Murphy in The Accused (1988) with Jodie Foster.

FAMILY LIFE: McGillis married fellow Juilliard student Boyd Black in 1979, but the couple divorced in 1981. She married Fred Tillman in 1989, and they have two daughters. The couple divorced in 2002. In 2010, McGillis entered into a civil union with Melanie Leis, a Philadelphia sales executive. Their relationship only lasted a year.

INFO: Studied at Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts and Juilliard.

McGillis was offered the role of Sarah Tobias in The Accused (1988), but having survived a violent sexual assault in 1982 by two men who broke into her apartment, she declined the role and instead fought for the part of Kathryn Murphy.

McGillis and her then-husband Fred Tillman owned the Kelly's Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery in Key West, Florida. They sold the restaurant in June 2017.

McGillis worked full-time with drug addicts and alcoholics at Seabrook House Drug Alcohol Rehab Center, a rehabilitation center in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

McGillis confirmed long-held rumors when she came out as a lesbian in April 2009 during an interview with SheWired.

TRIVIA: Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1984" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 36.

Was fired from the film Bachelor Party (1984) allegedly because the producers thought she wasn't pretty or sexy enough.

Kelly McGillis was working in a Greenwich Village coffee house when Harrison Ford and Peter Weir went there to see her, and offer her the role of Rachel in Witness (1985).

In preparation for her role in Witness (1985), Kelly McGillis lived with an actual Amish widow and her seven children for a while before filming began to get the speech cadence down and to observe the daily life of an Amish widowed mother.

In Top Gun, the elevator scene (in which Maverick and Charlie meet after his workout) was filmed post-production. Kelly McGillis's hair had already been colored for another movie role, which is why she is wearing a hat.

Auditioned for the role of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct (1992).

In 2004, she performing on stage as "Mrs. Robinson" in the national touring company of the play "The Graduate."

WHERE IS SHE NOW: McGillis currently lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She teaches acting at The New York Studio for Stage and Screen NYS3 in Asheville, North Carolina. And she's stiil acting on the small screen appearing in the occasional TV movie.


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2000 Cold Shoulder (TV Movie)...Lieutenant Lorraine Page

2000 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (TV Series)...Gorgeous Woman
- Planet of the Lost (2000) ... Gorgeous Woman (voice)

2000 The Monkey's Mask...Professor Diana Maitland

2000 The Outer Limits (TV Series)...Nicole Whitley
- Final Appeal (2000) ... Nicole Whitley

2000 The Wild Thornberrys (TV Series)...Winema
- Pack of Thornberrys (2000) ... Winema (voice)

1999 The Settlement...Fake Barbara / Ellie

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1998 Ground Control...Susan Stratton

1998 Perfect Prey (TV Movie)...Audrey Macleah

1998 Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (TV Movie)...Jamie Marshall

1998 Painted Angels...Nettie

1997 The Third Twin (TV Movie)...Dr. Jean 'Jeannie' Ferrami

1996 We the Jury (TV Movie)...Alyce Bell

1995 Dark Eyes (TV Series)...Mila McGann
- Pilot (1995) ... Mila McGann

1995 Remember Me (TV Movie)...Menly Nichols

1994 North...Amish Mom

1994 In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness (TV Movie)...Susie Lynch

1993 Bonds of Love (TV Movie)...Rose Parks

1992 The Babe...Claire Ruth

1992 Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing (TV Movie)...Mrs. Joel McKelvey (uncredited)

1991 Grand Isle...Edna Pontellier

1989 Rabbit Ears: Thumbelina (Video short)...Storyteller

1989 Cat Chaser...Mary DeBoya

1989 Winter People...Collie Wright

1988 The Accused...Kathryn Murphy

1987 The House on Carroll Street...Emily

1987 Santabear's High Flying Adventure (TV Short)...Missy Bear (voice)

1987 Once We Were Dreamers...Anda

1987 Made in Heaven...Annie Packert / Ally Chandler

1986 Santabear's First Christmas (TV Movie)...Narrator (voice)

1986 Top Gun...Charlie

1985 Private Sessions (TV Movie)...Jennifer Coles

1985 Witness...Rachel

1984 Sweet Revenge (TV Movie)...Katherine Dennison Breen

1983 Reuben, Reuben...Geneva Spofford

1968 One Life to Live (TV Series)...Glenda Livingston #1 (1984)

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Burt Lancaster - DEAD
Born: 11/02/1913 Died: 10/20/1994 (Heart attack)

Lorne Greene - DEAD
Born: 02/12/1915 Died: 09/11/1987 (Pneumonia)

Cicely Tyson - ALIVE
Born: 12/19/1933


Drupad Borgohain, 78, Indian politician, kidney disease.

Petro Benyuk [uk], 73, Ukrainian actor (Famine-33).
Richard E. Cole, 103, American air force officer, last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid.
Nikolai Gorbachev, 70, Belarusian sprint canoer, Olympic (1972) and world champion (1974).
James D. Hudnall, 61, American comic book writer (Espers).
K. M. Mani, 86, Indian politician, member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly (since 1965).
Jacques Ségui [fr], 80, French journalist.
Paul Severs [fr], 70, Belgian singer.
Marilynn Smith, 89, American Hall of Fame golfer, Titleholders champion (1963, 1964).

Robert Forguites, 80, American politician, member of the Vermont House of Representatives (since 2015).
Leif Haraldseth, 89, Norwegian trade unionist and politician, Minister of Local Government (1986-1987).
Vasily Likhachyov, 67, Russian politician.
Héctor del Mar, 76, Spanish professional wrestling commentator (WWE), heart attack.
Nadja Regin, 87, Serbian actress (From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Runaway).
Turgeon, 33, French racehorse, Cartier Champion Stayer (1991).
Anzac Wallace, 76, New Zealand actor (Utu) and trade unionist, cancer.

Hugo Ballesteros Reyes, 87, Chilean politician, Senator (1969-1977) and Deputy (1957-1965), ambassador to the United Nations, brain cancer.
Michael E. Busch, 72, American politician, Speaker (since 2003) and member of the Maryland House of Delegates (since 1987), pneumonia and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
Seymour Cassel, 84, American actor (Faces, The Royal Tenenbaums, Dick Tracy), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Cho Yang-ho, 70, South Korean businessman (Korean Air, Hanjin).
Arie Irawan, 28, Malaysian golfer.
Wilbert Keon, 83, Canadian heart surgeon and politician, Senator (1990-2010).
Víctor Manzanilla Schaffer, 94, Mexican politician and diplomat, governor of Yucatán (1988-1991), Senator and Deputy, ambassador to China and North Korea.
Jean Namotte, 84, Belgian politician, Wallonia MP (1995-2004) and handball player.
Luis Fernando Páez, 29, Paraguayan footballer, traffic collision.
Sandy Ratcliff, 70, English actress (EastEnders).
Gino Stefani [it], 89, Italian jazz musician, musicologist and semiologist.
Jan Wrazy, 75, Polish footballer.

Jarkyn Balykbaeva, 76, Kyrgyz actress (Pure Coolness).
Romus Burgin, 96, American World War II veteran and author.
Jack Corrin, 87, Manx jurist and politician, First Deemster (1988-1998).
Louis Crump, 102, American politician, member of the Texas Senate (1959-1967).
Jim Glaser, 82, American country music artist ("You're Gettin' to Me Again"), heart attack.
Fritz Hollings, 97, American politician, member of the U.S. Senate (1966-2005), Governor of South Carolina (1959-1963).
Toyin Kawojue, 62, Nigerian television broadcaster (Lagos Television) and journalist, stroke.
Olli Mäki, 82, Finnish boxer, European amateur champion (1959), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Lloyd McDermott, 79, Australian rugby union player (national team), nation's first indigenous barrister.
George Edward Rueger, 89, American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Worcester (1987-2005).
Tele Samad, 74, Bangladeshi actor and comedian.
Ángel Sertucha, 88, Spanish footballer (Osasuna, Athletic Bilbao, Sabadell).
Mike Sheppard, 82, American baseball coach (Seton Hall Pirates).
Marshall M. Sloane, 92, American entrepreneur.
David J. Thouless, 84, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (2016).

Anandavally, 67, Indian actress (Amba Ambika Ambalika, Sree Murukan, Swarna Gopuram) and voice actress.
Sydney Brenner, 92, South African biologist, Nobel Prize laureate (2002).
Ib Glindemann, 84, Danish jazz composer and bandleader.
Nikolay Kovalyov, 69, Russian politician, Director of the Federal Security Service (1996-1998).
Nina Lagergren, 98, Swedish activist, co-founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Academy.
Gianfranco Leoncini, 79, Italian footballer (Juventus, Atalanta, national team), leukaemia.
Pastor López, 74, Venezuelan singer-songwriter, stroke.
Ly Tong, 73, Vietnamese-American anti-communist activist, lung failure.
Trevor McKee, 81, New Zealand Thoroughbred trainer (Sunline).
Berto Pelosso [it], 85, Italian screenwriter.
Lasse Pöysti, 92, Finnish actor.
John Quarmby, 89, English actor (Fawlty Towers, K-9 and Company, A Christmas Carol).
Shawn Smith, 53, American singer, songwriter and musician (Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhed), torn aorta and high blood pressure.
Elriesa Theunissen-Fourie, 25, South African cricketer (national team), traffic collision.
Davey Williams, 66, American avant-garde guitarist (Curlew) and music critic (Birmingham News), cancer.
Wowaka, 31, Japanese Vocaloid producer and vocalist, heart failure.

Francesco Amendolagine, 35, Italian handball player, heart attack.
Cesare Cadeo, 72, Italian television presenter and journalist.
Alberto Cortez, 79, Argentine singer and songwriter, gastric haemorrhage.
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Aleksey Buldakov, 68, Russian actor (The Guard, Peculiarities of the National Hunt, Hitler Goes Kaput!), heart attack.
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Philip Furia, 75, American author.
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